What is a 1031 exchange? A section of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) which allows for deferral of capital gains tax when selling investment real estate. IRC 1031 like-kind exchange allows real estate investors holding non-owner occupied real estate to defer capital gains tax customarily due upon the sale of the investment real estate into another real estate property to be held for investment. The seller must comply with the specific treasury rules set out in IRC section 1031. Learn if you qualify by contacting  us PRIOR to closing your investment real estate sale!

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Keeping Exchange in Safe Harbor

Fact#1  Qualified Intermediary (QI) services are NOT created equal.

Fact#2  Open exchange with QI PRIOR to closing relinquished property

Fact#3  Partial exchange is permitted

Fact#4  Security of Funds is paramount

Fact#5  NEVER use your Attorney, Broker or Accountant which you have paid for services recently (2years) to act as your QI, it could disqualify exchange in an audit

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